Configuring an RT Application

NI LabWindows™/CVI™ Real-Time Module Help

Edition Date: August 2015

Part Number: 372398G-01

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After you configure the RT target, you can create an RT application on the host computer and then run the application on an RT target. The applications that you create with the LabWindows/CVI Real-Time Module are DLLs.

Complete the following steps to create a DLL and specify an RT target directly from LabWindows/CVI:

  1. Create a project in LabWindows/CVI using RTmain instead of main as the entry-point function for the program. Select Edit»Insert Construct»RTmain to insert the RTmain code into the program source.
  2. Select an active configuration for the project from the Build»Configuration submenu.
  3. Select Build»Target Type»Dynamic Link Library to configure the project to generate a DLL.
  4. Select Build»Target Settings to open the Target Settings dialog box. Select Real-time only in the Run-time support option. If you specify this option, LabWindows/CVI does not link to the entire set of LabWindows/CVI libraries but instead links to only those libraries supported on an RT system.

    Configure the other options in the Target Settings dialog box and then click OK to exit the dialog box.
  5. Select Build»Build to create the DLL.

You also can use a project template to create an RT DLL. The project template includes basic settings for RT projects described in the preceding section. To select a project template, select File»New»Project from Template. In the New Project from Template dialog box, select Real-Time Target Application.


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