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Sound and Vibration Measurement Help

Edition Date: March 2018
Part Number: 372416L-01
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LabVIEW 2018 Sound and Vibration Toolkit Help
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Owning Palette: Advanced VIs

Use the Common Utilities VIs to perform common waveform operations, such as software triggering, getting a subset, and splitting a waveform. You also can use these VIs to perform data type conversions to make it more convenient to display, save, or post-process measurement-analysis results.

The VIs on this palette can return general LabVIEW error codes or specific sound and vibration error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
SV Get Data SubsetReturns a portion of the waveform of the start index and length values. When you wire a waveform to this VI, the waveform automatically resizes to display start index inputs for the waveform.
SV Software Triggering (Analog Edge)Implements a software trigger. When the trigger is detected on the trigger channel, all signals are triggered so that the channels stay aligned in time. This function requires that each waveform in input signals has equal dt and Y (length). Returns one triggered set of data per call.
SVC Sort ResultsSorts an array of peaks according to the sort by and sort order parameters. Use this VI to sort peaks that the SVFA Spectrum Peak Search, SVT Spurious Free Dynamic Range, and SVT THD and Harmonic Components VIs return. Wire data to the peaks in input to determine the polymorphic instance to use or manually select the instance.
svc_Convert Array of Peaks to XY FormatConverts an array of peaks of the form [{x y}] to an XY output of the form {[X] [Y]}. Peaks equal to {0 0} are not included in the output.
svc_Convert Spectrum Cluster to XY ClusterConverts an evenly spaced spectrum of the form {x0 dx [Y]} to XY data of the form {[X] [Y]}.
svc_Create X Array from x0 dx and lengthConverts waveform parameters to an explicit X array. Start (t0, x0, f0, etc.), increment (dt, dx, df, etc.), and the number of samples are used to create a ramp of X values that can be used for processing or as the X component when building an XY output data type.
svc_Split Waveform (Index)Divides the waveform in at start index and returns the two waveforms.
SVFA Map Frequency to OrderUse this VI to convert a frequency power spectrum to an order power spectrum. Use this VI to convert power spectrum results from constant-speed applications.
SVFA Map Order to FrequencyUse this VI to convert an order power spectrum to a frequency power spectrum. Use this VI to convert power spectrum results from constant-speed applications.


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