Inline C Node Options Page

LabVIEW 2011 Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers Help

Edition Date: June 2011

Part Number: 372459E-01

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Requires: Embedded Module for ARM Microcontrollers, C Generator, Mobile Module, Touch Panel Module, or LabVIEW WSN Module

Select Tools»Options to display the Options dialog box and select Inline C Node from the Category list to display this page. You also can right-click the Inline C Node and select Global C Node Options from the shortcut menu to display this page.

Use this page to configure the Inline C Node.

This page contains the following components:

  • Syntax Coloring—Contains the following components:
    • Use default colors—Uses the default colors for all items listed in this dialog box. This checkbox contains a checkmark by default. Remove the checkmark from the checkbox if you want to click a rectangle to change its color.
    • Comments—Selects a color for anything between /* */ or escaped by //.
    • Control statements—Selects a color for C control keywords, such as do, if, case, break, return, and so on.
    • Strings—Selects a color for anything between " ".
    • Constants—Selects a color for any numeric or character constant.
    • Built-in types—Selects a color for predefined types, such as char, int, float, and so on.
    • Type modifiers—Selects a color for C keywords, such as unsigned, register, volatile, and so on.
    • Preprocessor—Selects a color for preprocessor directives, such as #include, #if, #endif, and so on.
    • Others—Selects a default color.
  • Default Tab Size—Specifies the number of space characters to use when you press the <Tab> key.
  • Default External Editor—Specifies the location of the external editor. After you select an editor, right-click the Inline C Node and select Load into External Editor from the shortcut menu to open the contents in the editor. To refresh the contents in the Inline C Node after modifying the contents in the external editor, you must save the contents in the external editor and then click the Inline C Node.


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