Touch Panel Project Wizard

LabVIEW 2013 Touch Panel Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372507E-01

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Requires: DSC Module or Touch Panel Module

Select File»New to open the New dialog box. Expand the Project»Project from Wizard node and select Touch Panel Project. Click the OK button to launch the Touch Panel Project Wizard.

Use the Touch Panel Project Wizard to create a new Touch Panel project (.lvproj). This wizard contains the following pages:

  • Define project information—Defines the type and location of the Touch Panel project you are creating. This page contains the following components:
    • Project type—Defines the type of project you are creating. You can create a project with a blank VI or import an existing VI.
    • Project location—Specifies the location on the host computer where you want to save the new project.
    • VI path—Specifies the path to the VI you are creating or importing.
  • Select target—Specifies the Touch Panel target for the project. This page contains the following components:
    • Selected target—Specifies the Touch Panel target.
    • Browse devices—Opens the Add Targets and Devices dialog box where you can add to the project a Touch Panel target of the type you select.
    • VI template—Specifies which template to use.
      Note  This pull-down menu appears only if you selected to create the project with a blank VI on the Define project information page of the wizard.
  • Configure device—Specifies the Touch Panel device connection and IP address. This page contains the following component:
    • Touch Panel device IP address—Specifies the IP address of the Touch Panel device. This option is disabled if you are using ActiveSync.
  • System preview—Shows how the project will look in the Project Explorer window. This page contains the following component:
    • Create a build specification—Indicates you want to immediately create a build specification for the project.

      If you place a checkmark in this checkbox, the Application Properties dialog box opens when you click the Finish button.


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