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Creating VIs

LabVIEW 2009 Mobile Module Help

Edition Date: June 2009

Part Number: 372508B-01

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Creating VIs

Mobile Module Palettes
VI Properties
VI Hierarchies
Using SubVIs
Using Mobile Module Templates
Limitations in Designing User Interfaces

Array Controls and Indicators
Boolean Controls
Cluster Controls and Indicators
Combo Boxes
Enumerated Type Controls
Numeric Controls and Indicators
Path Controls
Picture Controls
Scaling Front Panel Objects
String Controls and Indicators
Tab Controls
Time Stamp Controls and Indicators
Tree Controls
Variant Controls and Indicators
VISA Resource Name Controls
Unsupported Controls and Indicators
Supported Properties
Supported Methods

Limitations in Developing Block Diagrams

Application Control VIs and Functions
Express VIs
File I/O Functions
Fixed-Point Support
Graphics & Sound Functions
LabVIEW Class Support
Libraries and Executables
Menu Functions
Numeric Functions
Signal Processing VIs
String Functions
Time, Dialog, & Error VIs and Functions

Using Shared Variables

Creating Shared Variables
Shared Variable Error Codes
Using the Aliases File in Applications

Adding and Removing Header Files from an Inline C Node
Creating Help for Mobile Applications
Detecting Button Inputs
File I/O
Memory Considerations
Performance Considerations
Performing Data Acquisition
Using Smartphone Key Navigation
Zooming Graphs and Charts
Creating Wireless Mobile Applications

Developing Bluetooth Mobile Applications

Using a Bluetooth Virtual Serial Port
Discovering Bluetooth Devices and Services

Short Message Service (SMS)

Manually Configuring Short Message Service Options
Deleting Short Message Service Messages
Short Message Service Error Codes


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