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Mobile Module and Touch Panel Module VIs and Functions

LabVIEW 2009 Mobile Module Help

Edition Date: June 2009

Part Number: 372508B-01

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Mobile Module and Touch Panel Module VIs and Functions

Connectivity VIs and Functions

Libraries and Executables Function

Call Library Function Node

PDA Button Input VIs

Close PDA Button Reference
Get PDA Button Input
Initialize PDA Button

Data Communication VIs and Functions

Protocols VIs and Functions (Touch Panel Module)

SMTP Email VIs

SMTP Email Send Message (Small)
SMTP Email Send Multiple Attachments - PDA

Protocols VIs and Functions (Mobile Module)

IrDA Functions
Phone VIs

Phone Error Codes
Get Device Phone Number
Request Make Call

Short Message Service VIs

Short Message Service Error Codes
SMS Configure
SMS Get Configuration
SMS Read Message
SMS Send Message

Express VIs and Functions

Input Express VIs
Output Express VIs
Signal Analysis Express VIs
Signal Manipulation Express VIs

Instrument I/O VIs and Functions

Serial Compatibility VIs

Bytes At Serial Port
Close Serial Driver
Serial Port Break
Serial Port Init
Serial Port Read
Serial Port Write

Serial VIs and Functions
VISA VIs and Functions

VISA Advanced VIs and Functions

Bus/Interface Specific Functions

Mathematics VIs
Measurement I/O VIs and Functions
Navigation Controls
Programming VIs and Functions

Application Control VIs and Functions

Clear PDA Chart
Get Special Folder Path
PDA Get Screen Size
PDA Memory VIs

PDA Memory Total
PDA Memory Usage

PDA Screen Orientation
Run Application
Set Help File Path
Show Hide Input Panel
Zoom Chart or Graph

Array Functions
Boolean Functions
Cluster, Class, & Variant VIs and Functions
Comparison Functions
File I/O VIs and Functions
Graphics & Sound VIs

Get Sound Info
Picture Functions VIs

Camera Capture
PDA Load Image File
PDA Pick Color
PDA Picture to Pixmap
PDA Read BMP File
PDA Write BMP File
Picture Picker

Snd Read Waveform
Snd Write Waveform
Sound File VIs

Snd Read Wave File
Snd Write Wave File

Sound Input VIs

SI Clear
SI Config
SI Read
SI Start
SI Stop

Sound Output VIs

SO Clear
SO Config
SO Pause
SO Set Num Buffers
SO Start
SO Stop
SO Volume
SO Wait
SO Write

Numeric Functions
String VIs and Functions

LV String To Unicode String
Unicode String To LV String

Synchronization VIs and Functions
Time, Dialog, & Error VIs and Functions

PDA Error Handler

Waveform VIs and Functions

Signal Processing VIs
Touch Panel Navigation VIs

TPC Get Next Navigation Page
TPC Initialize Navigation
TPC Set Next Navigation Page
TPC Set Previous Navigation Page


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