Create a Certificate Signing Request Dialog Box

NI Distributed System Manager for LabVIEW 2012 Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 372572E-01

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Requires: NI Distributed System Manager (Windows)

Click the Create button in the OpenCSRs Probe view to display this dialog box. This dialog box allows you to configure a new certificate signing request (CSR) on the selected Web Server.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Parameters—Displays the parameters that you must configure to create a new CSR.
    • Common Name—Configures the common name. Use the DNS name or the IP address of the target running the Web Server. Example syntax: localhost
    • Country—Specifies the two character country code. Example syntax: US
    • State or Province—Configures the state or province. Example syntax: Texas
    • Locality—Configures the locality. Example syntax: Austin
    • Organization—Configures the organization. Example syntax: National Instruments
    • Organizational Unit—Configures the organizational unit. Example syntax: LabVIEW Web Server
    • Subject Alt Name—Configures the subject alt name. You can configure multiple subject alt names. Example syntax: or DNS:,
  • Values—Displays the values of the corresponding parameters for the new CSR.

Refer to the LabVIEW Help for information about enabling SSL on the LabVIEW Web Server.


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