Monitoring Historical Trends (DSC Module)

NI Distributed System Manager for LabVIEW 2012 Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 372572E-01

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Use the Historical Trend view to monitor historical trends for one or multiple shared variables. You must deploy the shared variables into the Shared Variable Engine and enable logging before monitoring historical trends.

Complete the following steps to monitor historical trends by using the Historical Trend view.

  1. In the NI Distributed System Manager, right-click a system tree pane object, such as a shared variable, a computer system, a process, or a folder and select View Historical Data from the shortcut menu. The System Manager displays a Historical Trend view and adds the object to this view. You also can display this view by selecting View»New Historical Trend in the System Manager.
    Note  If a system tree pane object contains multiple shared variables, the System Manager adds all the shared variables under this object to the Historical Trend view.
  2. In the system tree pane, select the shared variables that you want to monitor. Press the <Ctrl> key to select multiple shared variables and drag these shared variables to the Historical Trend view. You also can select and drag multiple computer systems, processes, or folders to the Historical Trend view. The System Manager adds all the shared variables under these objects to this view.
    Note  If you add more than eight shared variables to a Historical Trend view, the view displays historical trends for the first eight shared variables only. You can display historical trends for the other shared variables by right-clicking these shared variables and selecting Display from the shortcut menu. A large number of historical trends might cause high CPU usage and low performance.

Refer to the NI HyperTrend Help for more information about using the Historical Trend view. Right-click the flowchart in this view and select Help from the shortcut menu to display the NI HyperTrend Help.


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