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Real-Time FIFO Page (Shared Variable Properties Dialog Box)

NI Distributed System Manager for LabVIEW 2012 Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 372572E-01

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Requires: NI Distributed System Manager (Windows)

Right-click a process in an real-time target in the Tree and select New Variable from the shortcut menu, or right-click an existing shared variable in the Tree and select Edit Variable from the shortcut menu to display the Shared Variable Properties dialog box and this page.

Use this page to enable and configure the real-time FIFO of a shared variable. This page includes the following components:

  • Enable Real-Time FIFOEnables the real-time FIFO for a shared variable of type single-process or network-published. If you configure a network-published shared variable with network buffering and you enable the real-time FIFO, the network buffer must be as large as one FIFO element to ensure that data can be written. If the network buffer is smaller than a FIFO element, the network buffer overflows and no data transmits over the network.
    • FIFO Type—Specifies the type of FIFO configuration to use. If the shared variable contains an array data type, you must specify the number of array elements. If the shared variable contains waveform data type, you must specify the number of points per waveform. If you select an array of waveform data type, you must specify both the number of waveform elements per array and the number of points per waveform. You must specify the required number of elements and/or waveform points exactly to avoid memory allocations that can cause jitter.
      • Single Element—Specifies a FIFO buffer with a single element.
      • Multi-element—Specifies a FIFO buffer with multiple elements. If you choose this option, you also must specify the number of FIFO elements to use.
      • Use network buffer configuration—Uses the configuration you specify in the Use Buffering section of the Network page to configure the size and elements of the FIFO. This option is available only if you enable network buffering.


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