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LabVIEW 2013 Unit Test Framework Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372584F-01

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June 2013, 372585D-01

Requires: Unit Test Framework Toolkit. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Unit Test Framework VIs to execute tests programmatically.

The VIs on this palette can return general LabVIEW error codes or specific Unit Test Framework error codes.

Palette ObjectDescription
Create ReportGenerates a report after test execution. You can generate this report in HTML, Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML), or ASCII format.
Open Results WindowDisplays the Unit Test Framework Results window after test execution.
Run Tests from FileExecutes tests from .lvtest files.

You also can use the Run Tests from Project VI to execute tests from a LabVIEW project.
Run Tests from ProjectExecutes tests from a LabVIEW project.

You also can use the Run Tests from File VI to execute tests from .lvtest files.

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