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Edition Date: June 2013

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When you create a test from the Project Explorer window, LabVIEW creates a .lvtest file on disk. Each .lvtest file contains the settings LabVIEW uses to check the VI under test for functional correctness. You can view or edit .lvtest files by using Microsoft Excel or a text editor.

Note  If you use Microsoft Excel to edit a .lvtest file, you must save the file using the Unicode Text (.txt) file format. When you save a .lvtest file, Microsoft Excel modifies formatting that is not compatible with tab-delimited text. For example, if a cell contains a comma, Microsoft Excel uses double quotation marks to enclose the cell contents. This conversion might result in an unexpected error in the .lvtest file. Refer to the Microsoft Excel documentation for more information about formatting that is not compatible with tab-delimited text.

Complete the following steps to edit a .lvtest file by using Microsoft Excel.

Note  The default editor is Microsoft Excel. You can change the default editor LabVIEW uses to edit .lvtest files on the Unit Test Framework page of the Project Properties dialog box.
  1. Open the LabVIEW project that contains the files on which you want to perform unit testing.
  2. Right-click a .lvtest file and select Open in External Editor. You also can open .lvtest files directly from Windows Explorer by right-clicking a .lvtest file and opening the file with Microsoft Excel.
    Note  If you double-click a .lvtest file from Windows Explorer, LabVIEW launches but does not open any project or dialog box. You must right-click the .lvtest file to open the file with Microsoft Excel.
  3. Edit the .lvtest file to configure settings for this test. Make sure you follow the .lvtest file format.
    Caution  Do not remove any lines from the .lvtest file. If you remove anything, the test might not execute properly.
  4. Save and close the .lvtest file.
  5. Select File»Save to save the project.

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