Editing Test Vectors (Unit Test Framework Toolkit)

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Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372584F-01

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Complete the following steps to edit test vectors:

  1. Double-click a .lvvect file in the Project Explorer window to display the Test Vector File Properties dialog box.
  2. Click the Edit Values button to display the Test Vector Properties - Edit dialog box.
  3. (Optional) Specify a name in the Name cell of a test vector if you want to rename this test vector.
  4. (Optional) Specify a test vector in the Append to cell if you want to append the values of a test vector to values of another test vector.
  5. (Optional) Specify a requirement ID in the Requirement ID cell if you want to use a test vector with NI Requirements Gateway. Ensure the requirement IDs match the corresponding requirements in Requirements Gateway.
  6. Specify a test vector type in the Edit Type cell of the test vector that you want to edit. The default is sequence.
  7. Specify test vector values in the Value cell of the test vector that you want to edit. If you want to add multiple values to this test vector, you can enter the new values in the cells below the Value cell.
    Note  You can export the test vector to an array control of a VI, edit the values in the array control, and import the updated values to the test vector. The array control must have a proper data type.
  8. (Optional) Repeat step 3 through 7 to edit multiple test vectors.
  9. Click the OK button to close this dialog box and save the test vectors.

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