TDMS Get Asynchronous Write Status (Data Ref) Function

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Owning Palette: TDMS Advanced Data Reference I/O Functions

Requires: Base Development System (Windows)

Copyright: (c) 2015 National Instruments. All rights reserved.

Returns the number of pending asynchronous writes issued by the TDMS Advanced Asynchronous Write (Data Ref) function.

Tip  Use this function when you monitor an application that issues a series of asynchronous writes over a long period of time. By querying the number of pending writes and keeping track of the highest value this function returns, you can choose an appropriate value for the max asynchronous writes input of the TDMS Configure Asynchronous Writes (Data Ref) function.

tdms file specifies a reference number to the .tdms file on which to perform the operation. Use the TDMS Advanced Open function to open the refnum.
error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.
tdms file out returns a TDMS file reference to the .tdms file on which you performed the operation.
number of pending writes returns the number of asynchronous writes that have not completed. You can use this information to monitor a write-to-disk operation.
error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.


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