Licensed Class Libraries Run-Time Behavior

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Edition Date: August 2012

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When you run an assembly that references a Measurement Studio licensed class library, the class library enforces licensing behavior when the assembly calls into a licensed entry point in the class library. The licensed class library uses the license that was embedded in the assembly resources at compile time to determine the proper behavior.

If the license state of the embedded license is Valid, the call to the entry point succeeds.

If the license state of the embedded license is Evaluation:

It is not possible for the license state of the embedded license to be Invalid because an invalid license state results in an error at compile time.

When you build an assembly that references licensed Measurement Studio class libraries, you deploy the assembly to a target machine and run it without having a Measurement Studio license or NI License Manager on the target machine. However, if your deployed application uses Measurement Studio controls at run time in a design-time context, then the target machine must have Measurement Studio installed and the Measurement Studio license must be in a valid license state. The Measurement Studio license type on the target machine must be the same as on the development machine. The license state that governs the Measurement Studio class library behavior is determined at compile time, embedded in your assembly resources, and enforced when your assembly uses the Measurement Studio class library.

Special Considerations for Assemblies Built During the Evaluation Period

Assemblies built during the evaluation period will continue to exhibit evaluation behavior even after Measurement Studio is activated. You must rebuild your assemblies after activating Measurement Studio to get fully enabled behavior.

Special Considerations for WPF Templated Controls

In the case of a WPF templated control, the templated control can only be used from assemblies that also have a valid Measurement Studio license. For example, if you create an application, LineMonitor, that uses a templated control, GaugeCluster, from a licensed assembly, MyStandardControls, you must license both LineMonitor and MyStandardControls; otherwise, LineMonitor throws a run-time LicenseException when it instantiates GaugeCluster.

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