Non-Licensed Measurement Studio Components

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Edition Date: August 2012

Part Number: 372636F-01

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Measurement Studio licensed features are class libraries and Visual Studio-integrated tools that use licensing to verify that you are authorized to use the software.

Non-licensed components have no license state. As a result, they do not exhibit the same behavior as licensed components. You can use non-licensed components without having a valid Measurement Studio license.

Note: Non-licensed class libraries are different from unlicensed class libraries. Unlicensed class libraries are those that are able to be licensed, but the license has not been activated.

Measurement Studio non-licensed class libraries include:

Note: If the Measurement Studio ActiveX CW3DGraph control is displaying unexpected evaluation or beta licensing behavior, please use MStudioLicenseFixer.exe, located in the ActiveX License Fixer Utility folder of your Measurement Studio distribution media, to diagnose and correct the problem.

For more information on the behavior of licensed and unlicensed class libraries, refer to Licensed Class Libraries Behavior.

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