Performing Correlation and Spectral Analysis (Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit)

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Edition Date: June 2014

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One application of time series analysis is detecting the hidden periodicities or frequency characteristics in a time series at specific frequencies. By using the Time Series Analysis VIs, you can detect a periodicity of a time series in either the time domain or the frequency domain.

In the time domain, correlation analysis is a classical method that you can use to find periodic patterns at a specific frequency in one or more time series. You also can use the correlation method to identify or extract other useful features of a time series, such as phase.

In the frequency domain, you can use spectral analysis methods to estimate the power spectrum of a time series. You also can estimate the bispectrum, which is useful for detecting nonlinearities in a time series, and estimate the cepstrum, which is useful for deconvolving a time series.


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