DataFinder Toolkit VIs

LabVIEW 2013 DataFinder Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372745E-01

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Use the DataFinder Toolkit VIs to open a DataFinder connection, create and execute queries in indexed data, and access search results. You can also search for text and get information about the indexed properties and values. Use the DataFinder property and invoke nodes to index files and folders, and read and write the DataFinder configuration.

Palette object Description
Search TextExecutes a text search.
Results To WaveformsExtracts the signals from the search results.
Create QueryCreates a query.
Merge QueriesUses an operator to combine two queries into one query.
Execute Query Executes a search.
Get Property Values Extracts from the result references the values of one or more properties that are the same data type.
Get Indexed Properties Determines for files, groups, or channels, the list of all the indexed properties in which you can execute a search.
Get Indexed Value List Returns a list of strings which contains all indexed values for the specified string property.
Get Indexed Value Limits Returns the minimum indexed value and the maximum indexed value of the given numeric or date/time property.
Open DataFinder Connects a DataFinder.
Close Reference Closes a DataFinder connection, a reference to a query, or a reference to the search results.
DataFinder Property Node Provides properties for the configuration of the DataFinder.
DataFinder Invoke Node Provides methods for the configuration of the DataFinder.


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