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LabVIEW 2018 DataFinder Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 372745L-01

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Owning Palette: DataFinder Toolkit

Requires: LabVIEW DataFinder Toolkit

Uses the DataFinder to search the specified properties of the indexed data.

The VI returns the search results as result references. You can use result references to access the waveforms and to access the values of any properties of the search results.

Execute Query

/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/cu16.gif result object type Enumeration for the object type. {File:0, Channel Group:1, Channel:2}
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/cio.gif DataFinder reference is the reference to the DataFinder that is to be used to execute the search. To connect a registered DataFinder, select the DataFinder from the DataFinder named control.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/crn.gif query reference is the reference to the query to execute.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/cstr.gif DataPlugin name specifies whether the DataFinder searches only for files that are loaded with a specific DataPlugin. By default, the DataFinder searches in all files. You can connect several DataPlugin names with OR.
Note  If you are connected to a federation, DataFinder ignores the DataPlugin name. The error out connector then shows a warning.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/cbool.gif fill results elements? (F) specifies wether the results elements cluster will be filled with the accordant information (TRUE). If the value is FALSE an empty results elements cluster will be returned. The default value is FALSE.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/ccclst.gif error in (no error) describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard error in functionality.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/cu32.gif max results count specifies the maximum number of search results that the DataFinder determines. You can enter values from 1 to 32,000. The default maximum number of determined search results is 200.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/iio.gif DataFinder reference out is the reference to the DataFinder that is also at the respective input of the VI.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/irn.gif query reference out is the reference to the query that was executed.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/i1drn.gif result references out is the array of the references that the query returns.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/icclst.gif results elements specifies the paths, the DataPlugin names, the names of the channel groups, and channels, depending on the search result.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/i1dpath.gif fullpaths specifies the complete path of the search results.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/i1dstr.gif DataPlugin names specifies the DataPlugin names of the search results.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/i1dstr.gif channel group names specifies the names of the channel groups found.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/i1dstr.gif channel names specifies the names of the channels found.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/icclst.gif error out contains error information. This output provides standard error out functionality.
/images/reference/en-XX/help/372745L-01/ibool.gif incomplete results? is TRUE if more search results exist than the maximum number of search results that are requested. If you want to display more search results, you must increase the value of the Max results count parameter. The more search results that are to be displayed, the lower the search performance.


Refer to the following VIs for examples of using the Execute Query VI:

  • DataFinder_ExecuteQuery VI: labview\examples\DataFinder\DataFinder_Examples.lvproj

  • DataFinder_Pass_Fail_Analysis VI: labview\examples\DataFinder\DataFinder_Examples.lvproj


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