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LabVIEW 2018 DataFinder Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 372745L-01

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Owning Class: NI DataFinder

Requires: LabVIEW DataFinder Toolkit

Removes a search area from the DataFinder configuration. You can use this method only when you are working with a DataFinder that is running on the same computer. The method does not support DataFinder federations.

Note  It can take quite some time to remove a search area. During this time the DataFinder is not available.
Note  Only use the method Remove Search Area for the configuration of the DataFinder My DataFinder.


NameType Description
searchArea Search Area ClusterSpecifies which search area is to be deleted from the DataFinder configuration. A search area is a folder that the DataFinder indexes for the search.
name Specifies the name of the search area. Use each name only once in all the search areas.
local path Specifies the path of the search area, which the DataFinder uses to index the files.
client path Specifies the client path for accessing a search area. This setting is only relevant for DataFinder servers of the DataFinder Server Edition.

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