Using Elemental I/O Nodes (WSN)

LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372802E-01

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Use the Elemental I/O items in Elemental I/O Nodes on the block diagram. You can drag an Elemental I/O item from the Project Explorer window to the block diagram to create a new Elemental I/O Node that contains an Elemental I/O item.

You also can complete the following steps to add an Elemental I/O Node to the block diagram and configure terminals for specific Elemental I/O items.

  1. Create a new VI or open an existing VI under an WSN target that contains Elemental I/O items. By default, WSN targets contain Elemental I/O items for the WSN node.
  2. Place an Elemental I/O Node on the block diagram.
  3. Click the element section of the Elemental I/O Node to add a new Elemental I/O item or select an Elemental I/O item you previously added to the project. You can select any Elemental I/O item you want to use, regardless of the type of I/O resource. The new Elemental I/O item appears in the Elemental I/O Node.

Expanding an Elemental I/O Node

You can expand the Elemental I/O Node to add additional Elemental I/O items.

The following graphic shows an Elemental I/O Node containing multiple Elemental I/O items.

You can expand an Elemental I/O Node by clicking the upper or lower edge of the node with the Positioning tool and dragging the edge up or down. LabVIEW automatically fills in each additional terminal with Elemental I/O items in the order they appear in the Project Explorer window.

You can change the order in which the Elemental I/O items appear in the Project Explorer window prior to expanding the node. In the Project Explorer window, select the Elemental I/O item under the WSN target and drag the Elemental I/O item to the new position in the project tree. If you change the order of items in the Project Explorer window after you expand the node on the block diagram, the node does not update until you collapse the node and expand the node again.

You also can expand the Elemental I/O Node by right-clicking an Elemental I/O item in the Elemental I/O Node and selecting Add Element from the shortcut menu. A new unconfigured I/O Name terminal appears in the Elemental I/O Node. Right-click the unconfigured I/O Name terminal and select Select Elemental I/O from the shortcut menu.

Note  LabVIEW does not necessarily process items in the Elemental I/O Node in the order that they appear. Add individual Elemental I/O Nodes to the block diagram for each Elemental I/O item to control the order of processing and data flow.


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