NI-WSN Error Codes

LabVIEW Wireless Sensor Network Module Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 372802E-01

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I/O variables can return the following error codes for NI-WSN.

Code Description
−306028 Node type not supported by this version of the gateway firmware or NI-WSN driver for LabVIEW RT.
−306027 Cannot deploy because the WSN node is not included in the gateway configuration.
−306026 Unknown node name.
−306025 Unexpected content type posted to the web service. The correct content type for nodes is text/xml. The correct content type for firmware-image is application/octet-stream.
−306024 The number of files posted to the web service is incorrect. The correct number is two files.
−306023 The data submitted to the web service cannot be parsed due to being corrupted or malformed.
−306022 Property is read-only.
−306021 This requested property is invalid.
−306020 Property value is out of range.
−306019 Operation is not allowed while the WSN gateway is locked.
−306018 This feature is not supported.
−306017 The user/debug message queue is busy. Unable to send user/debug message.
−306016 Cannot complete the operation. The requested node is unavailable.
−306015 The configuration could not be saved.
−306014 The channel has not been configured and cannot be written to or read.
−306013 No node connected to the gateway at this ID.
−306012 The type of node deployed does not match the node connected at this ID.
−306011 The configuration is corrupt and cannot be parsed.
−306010 The configuration cannot be generated.
−306009 The version of the communication protocol implemented by this firmware is not supported by the gateway.
−306008 No message information is available for this reference.
−306007 Unrecognized message type.
−306006 The user/debug message is too long.
−306005 Firmware update could not be completed because one or more nodes are offline.
−306004 Request cannot be completed at this time. A node firmware update is in progress.
−306003 The node firmware image is not valid. The firmware is not compatible with one of the nodes in the update request.
−306002 An invalid configuration parameter was submitted to the gateway.
−306001 Local copy of the node configuration is out of date. Refresh configuration to get the latest configuration.
−306000 NI-WSN - Internal Error.
  306000 NI-WSN - Internal warning.


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