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Edition Date: November 2018

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The basic entity of a database is a cluster. A cluster is the description of a single network (for example, a CAN or FlexRay bus).

For CAN, the cluster contains only the baud rate. For FlexRay, there are about 30 global network parameters to set for a cluster. The NI-XNET Database Editor includes an Easy view, where you can set the six most important parameters; the other parameters are then chosen automatically to obtain a functioning network. If you start with FlexRay, this is probably the method of choice. However, if you have an existing database, you can use the Expert view to set individual parameters.

Usually, a database contains only one cluster. For example, the NI-CAN database and CANdb formats support only one cluster. However, FIBEX and AUTOSAR support multiple clusters per database; for example, you might describe all of a car's networks in a single database.


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