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Edition Date: November 2018

Part Number: 372841U-01

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You can use NI-XNET features to create NI-XNET sessions within your LabVIEW project. You can drag these preconfigured NI-XNET sessions from the project to the block diagram and wire them directly to the XNET Read and XNET Write VIs.

You typically use a LabVIEW project when your application accesses the network using a fixed configuration. For example, if you are testing a single product, and your VI reads/writes a predetermined set of signals, a LabVIEW project is ideal.

Follow these steps to use NI-XNET within a LabVIEW project:

  1. Right-click on the LabVIEW target you plan to use with NI-XNET. For Windows, this is My Computer. For LabVIEW Real-Time (RT), this is an RT target, such as a PXI controller.
  2. Select New»NI-XNET Session.
  3. Use the wizard and setup dialog to configure the session. Each configuration step has online help. When you are done, click OK to close the setup dialog.
  4. If you do not have a VI already, add a VI under the LabVIEW target. You must use the new session within a VI listed under the same target.
  5. Drag the new session to the VI block diagram. NI-XNET creates an XNET Read or XNET Write VI that matches the session mode. You need to make some changes to the block diagram, such as creating a loop. You now can run the VI.

If you require configuration of NI-XNET sessions at run time, you can use the XNET Create Session VI as an alternative to a LabVIEW project. For example, if your application tests a wide variety of products, and the end user of your application must select a database and its signals using the front panel, the XNET Create Session VI is ideal.


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