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Logging Target Data with the Embedded Data Logger

NI VeriStand 2018 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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The NI VeriStand Embedded Data Logger is a custom device that allows you to log data on a target, as opposed to logging data on the host. The following steps explain the basic process of adding and configuring the Embedded Data Logger.

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I. Adding the Embedded Data Logger to the System Definition

  1. Display the System Explorer window.
  2. Expand the Hardware node.
  3. Right-click Custom Devices and select National Instruments»Embedded Data Logger.

II. Adding a Log File to the Embedded Data Logger

To log data, you must add a log file to the Embedded Data Logger:

  1. In the System Explorer window, right-click the Embedded Data Logger node you created in previous procedure and select Add Log File.
  2. In the System Explorer window, select the newly created log file and edit the settings of the log file on its configuration page.

III. Adding Channels to an Embedded Data Logger Log File

When using the Embedded Data Logger, you must specify the channels you want to log in each log file as well as the groups in which to log them. Channel groups allow you to organize your log files by displaying related channel data together.

  1. In the System Explorer window, find the log file you created in the previous procedure.
  2. Under the log file, select Channel Groups, and on its configuration page click the Add Channel Group button.
  3. Select the newly created channel group, and then click the Add Channels button.
  4. In the Select Channels dialog box, specify the channel or channels you want to log in the channel group and click OK.


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