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Add-ons for NI VeriStand

NI VeriStand 2018 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 372846M-01

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Although NI VeriStand provides most of the functionality required by real-time testing applications, you can customize and extend the environment with add-ons. Add-on features for NI VeriStand include custom user interface objects for the Workspace window, custom devices that add support for additional hardware interfaces, or real-time engine functions. Add-ons come in a few different formats:

  • Features installed by another National Instruments product—You can purchase software packages that add specialized features to NI VeriStand. For example, the ECU Measurement and Calibration Toolkit adds the XCP or CCP Master custom device and workspace controls to NI VeriStand.
  • Features available for download—You can download several NI VeriStand add-ons developed by National Instruments and the NI VeriStand community from the NI VeriStand Add-ons web page at
  • Custom devices included with NI VeriStand—NI VeriStand includes three pre-built custom devices.
  • Features you create—You can use LabVIEW to create various types of custom add-ons for NI VeriStand. NI VeriStand installs LabVIEW and .NET APIs, both of which are accessible from LabVIEW.

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Creating NI VeriStand Add-Ons

Custom Device Included with NI VeriStand

NI VeriStand includes a pre-built custom device called Embedded Data Logger that you can add to a system definition file from the System Explorer window. You can find the Embedded Data Logger LLB and Custom Device XML file in the <Common Data>\Custom Devices directory. You can use the Embedded Data Logger without installing LabVIEW. However, you must install LabVIEW to open a custom device LLB or VI.

Note  You must install a device driver for any custom device hardware you use. Refer to the hardware device documentation for installation instructions.


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