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Parent Topic: Custom Device Framework

The Custom Device API library (Custom Device API.lvlib), located in the labview\vi.lib\NI VeriStand\Custom Device API directory, contains most of the type definitions, template VIs, and the LabVIEW API a custom device needs to interact with NI VeriStand. The components of this library give the custom device the ability to behave as a native task in the NI VeriStand Engine.

Note  This topic describes the Custom Device API library. Custom devices also include a separate library, called the Custom Device library, which contains the configuration and engine VIs for a custom device.

You only need to use the files from Custom Device API library if you create a custom device without using the Custom Device Template Tool or if you want to add advanced features the tool does not generate, such as a second RT Driver VI. The Custom Device Template Tool automatically includes the Custom Device API library in any LabVIEW project it generates, and it uses the template VIs included in the Custom Device API library to create Initialization, Main Page, Extra Page, and RT Driver VIs. You also can access most of the VIs in this library from the Custom Device palette and subpalettes in LabVIEW.

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