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Parent Topic: Creating Custom Devices

The custom device framework consists of type definitions, specifically named controls and indicators, template VIs, and a LabVIEW API. Together these items form the rules, or framework, that allow your code to interact with NI VeriStand. By conforming to this framework, you can ensure that your LabVIEW code interacts correctly with NI VeriStand as a custom device.

The easiest way to use the custom device framework is to use the Custom Device Template Tool to generate a LabVIEW project (.lvproj file) that conforms to the framework. The Custom Device Template Tool provides five prebuilt types of custom devices, and you can meet almost any requirement by adding or modifying code in one of the five prebuilt devices. The following diagram shows the structure of such a project. Click a section of the diagram for more information.

Custom Device XML Custom Device API Library Custom Device Library Custom Device Library Build Specifications Build Specifications

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