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Steering On


Edition Date: September 2009

Part Number: 372962A-01

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Turns on the two motors connected to the specified ports at the input power level. The differential speed between the two motors can be controlled using the steering input.

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ccclst NXT connects to NXT terminal of previous VI to establish the flow of the program.
cu16 Output Ports are the ports connected to the motors. Ports A & B are the default, but Ports B & C, or Ports A & C can also be selected.
ci32 Power (75) is a power level from -100 to 100; default power is 75.
ci32 Steering (100) is a number between -100 and 100. Depending on how the motors are wired, a negative number turns it one way and a positive number turns it the opposite way.

ccclst NXT wires to NXT terminal of next VI to establish the flow of the program.


  • To run both motors to the same power, set steering to 0.
  • The robot will make sharper turns if the absolute value of the steering input is higher. To change directions, change the sign of the steering input.
  • This VI relies on feedback, so you must have two motors attached to the NXT brick, or the motor will not run.

Sample Program


This example runs motor A forward and motor B backwards for 3 seconds, then both forward for 3 seconds, then motor B forward and motor A backwards for 3 seconds, and then brakes both motors.

example_title, example_filename, example_description -->


Refer to the following VIs for examples of using Steering On

  • Straight Line Steering: labview\examples\NXT Robotics\Motors\Straight_Line_Steering.vit
    This example uses proportional control and the steering VI to drive a car in a straight line.


  • Front Panel Steering: labview\examples\NXT Robotics\Motors\Front_Panel_Steering_Control.vit
    This example turns the car for a set amount of time. The turning time, steering, power and ports are all controls rather than constants, which means that they can be adjusted on the front panel of the program.



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