Reusing Robotics Examples (Robotics Module)

LabVIEW 2014 Robotics Module Help

Edition Date: June 2014

Part Number: 372983F-01

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The LabVIEW Robotics Module includes examples that demonstrate robotics concepts. Some examples consist of LabVIEW projects that include RT and FPGA VIs and an FPGA bitfile compiled for use on an NI sbRIO device. To run these examples on a different target, you must adapt the examples to fit the target.

Note Note  The NI LabVIEW Robotics Starter Kit contains an NI sbRIO-9631 or sbRIO-9632 device. You typically can run Robotics Module examples on the Starter Kit hardware without modifying the FPGA VIs and bitfiles, but you might need to add the hardware modules the kit contains to the FPGA target in the Project Explorer window.

Complete the following steps to adapt a Robotics Module example that includes an FPGA VI and bitfile to run on a different target.

  1. Open an example .lvproj file that includes an FPGA target and FPGA VIs. To browse Robotics examples, select Help»Find Examples to launch the NI Example Finder.
  2. Add the hardware target you want to use in the Project Explorer window.
  3. Right-click the target in the Project Explorer window and select Properties from the shortcut menu to display the RT Target Properties or FPGA Target Properties dialog box, in which you can configure target settings, such as the IP address of the target.
  4. (Optional) Right-click the FPGA target and select New»C Series Module from the shortcut menu. Use the Add Targets and Devices and New C Series Module dialog boxes to add any I/O modules to the FPGA target. Most Robotics Module examples are configured without I/O modules, but some contain I/O modules.
  5. Select any RT host VIs under the example RT target and drag the VIs to the new RT target in the Project Explorer window.
  6. Select the FPGA VI and all other items under the example FPGA target and drag the items to the new FPGA target.
    Note Note  The new FPGA target must support all items you copy to the target.
  7. Recompile the FPGA VI. LabVIEW adds the new bitfile alongside the example bitfile.
  8. Update references to the FPGA VI in any host VIs. Complete the following steps to update these references.
    1. Open a host VI that references the FPGA VI.
    2. Right-click any Open FPGA VI Reference functions and select Configure Open FPGA VI Reference from the shortcut menu.
    3. In the Open section of the Configure Open FPGA VI Reference dialog box, select VI and browse to the FPGA VI under the new target. LabVIEW automatically selects the new bitfile as the bitfile to be used on the target.

Reusing a Robotics Example on a Different Type of Target

If you move an example configured for one type of target, such as a Single-Board RIO target, to a target of another type, such as a CompactRIO or R Series target, you must ensure that I/O controls and constants you move use compatible properties and methods. Right-click an I/O control or constant in a VI and select Configure I/O Type from the shortcut menu. In the Configure FPGA I/O Name Control Type dialog box, ensure the methods and properties in the I/O Item Type list also appear as supported in the I/O Name Control Type list.


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