Viewing a Robotics Simulation (Robotics Module)

LabVIEW 2014 Robotics Module Help

Edition Date: June 2014

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You can run a simulation program in the robotics simulator to render the simulation scene in a 3D picture control and view the interactions of components within the environment. Complete the following steps to run and view a simulation.

  1. Open the master simulation VI that starts the simulator. If you used the Robotics Environment Simulator Wizard to create the simulation scene, the master VI is the top-level VI under the simulator item () in the Project Explorer window.
  2. On the block diagram, make sure the path to the manifest file whose contents you want to simulate is wired to the manifest file input of the Start Simulator Service VI.
  3. Run the VI. The simulation displays and begins running in a new window.
    Note  If you did not add code to control components in the simulator, the simulator shows the same static scene you designed.
  4. Stop the simulation.

The following table lists actions you can perform to customize your view of the simulation within the 3D picture control.

Action Shortcut/Movement
Move the camera around the scene. Click and drag the environment.
Zoom in and out of the 3D scene. Hold <Shift>, and then click and drag in the 3D scene.
Reposition the environment within the scene. Hold <Ctrl>, and then click and drag the environment.

You also can display the simulation scene on the front panel of a VI.

To change the properties of a component in the simulation scene, such as the mass of a robot, edit the definition of the component in the manifest file.


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