Driving Wheeled Robots (Robotics Module)

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Edition Date: June 2014

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To drive a wheeled robot at a certain velocity and direction, you first must design a representation of the robot steering frame that defines properties of the frame and its wheels. After you design the steering frame representation on the block diagram, use that representation to implement motor control by calculating and converting between robot velocity and wheel velocities and connecting to motors that drive wheels.

The following sections describe how to manually and programmatically design a steering frame.

Manually Designing a Steering Frame

You can use the Configure Steering Frame Express VI to design a steering frame in an interactive dialog box. This Express VI returns the steering frame object, which you interact with on the block diagram using Steering VIs that allow you to control wheel and frame velocity.

Refer to the Configurable Steering.lvproj in the labview\examples\robotics\Steering\Configurable Steering directory for an example of manually designing and then steering a wheeled robot.

Programmatically Designing a Steering Frame

When you programmatically design a steering frame, you typically write code similar to the following block diagram.

The previous block diagram performs the following tasks to generate a steering frame object when the VI runs:

  • Uses the Create Wheel VI to generate four wheel objects with the properties the wheel parameters cluster defines.
  • Bundles the wheels together in the format the Create Steering Frame Express VI requires.
  • Uses the Mecanum instance of the Create Steering Frame Express VI to generate a Mecanum steering frame object with the four wheels at the locations defined by the wheel separation width and wheel separation length inputs.

Refer to the Mecanum Steering.lvproj in the labview\examples\robotics\Steering\Mecanum Steering directory for an example of programmatically designing and steering a wheeled robot.


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