Finding Systems and Hardware

NI System Configuration API 17.0 Help

Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 373107L-01

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Create Filter VI

Use the Create Filter Wrapper VI to query for specific resources on a system. You can find the Create Filter Wrapper VI on the Utilities subpalette.

Find Systems and Hardware

Use the Find Systems VI to detect systems on the network. Use the Find Hardware VI to detect devices on a specified system. You can find these VIs on the System Configuration palette.

To find a system, you can specify what types of systems you want, and you can specify the output format of each detected system. The output is an array and its entries can be wired to the Initialize Session VI and/or the System Property Node.

You can also use the Find VI to find hardware (for example: devices and chassis). Specify what types of hardware you want by creating a filter using the Create Filter VI. The output is an array of resources that you can wire to the Hardware Property Node or any of the functions on the Hardware Management subpalette.


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