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NI System Configuration API 18.0 Help

Edition Date: May 2018

Part Number: 373107N-01

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May 2018, 373107N-01

The System Configuration API gathers information about devices on both local and remote systems. Use the System Configuration API to programmatically reboot a system, save and load system images, install and uninstall software, and obtain information about a system to be used in other applications.

You can find the System Configuration palette on the functions palette under Measurement I/O.

Palette ObjectDescription
CloseCloses the filter, resource, or session.
Find Hardware Returns a list of hardware in a specified system.
Find SystemsReturns a list of systems on the network.
Initialize SessionInitializes a handle to a particular system for further configuration with the System Configuration API.
Hardware ManagementControls hardware on local and remote systems.
Software Management Manages software on local and remote systems.
UtilitiesRun Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) functions and other system configuration utilities.

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