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filter design (MathScript RT Module Subclass)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT Module Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 373123C-01

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Requires: MathScript RT Module

Member of the dsp class. Use members of the filter design subclass to design filters.

Function Description
angle Phase angles of complex numbers
convmx Convolution matrix
fir_fs FIR filter design using frequency sampling
fir_gauss FIR Gaussian filter design
fir_gaussps FIR Gaussian pulse-shaping filter
fir_interp Interpolation FIR filter design
fir_lsq Least-squares linear FIR filter design
fir_pm Parks-McClellan FIR filter design
fir_pmord Parks-McClellan FIR filter order
fir_rcos Raised cosine FIR filter
fir_remez Parks-McClellan FIR filter design
fir_remezord Parks-McClellan FIR filter order
fir_sgsmooth Savitzky-Golay FIR filter design
fir_win FIR filter design using windows
freq_space Frequency spaces for 1D and 2D applications
freqsd Computes Laplace transform
freqzd Digital filter frequency response
grpdelay Group delay of a filter
iir_bessel Bessel filter design
iir_besselzpk Zeros, poles, and gain of Bessel filter
iir_butter Butterworth filter design
iir_butterord Butterworth filter order
iir_butterzpk Zeros, poles, and gain of Butterworth filter
iir_cheby1 Chebyshev type 1 filter design
iir_cheby1ord Chebyshev type 1 filter order
iir_cheby1zpk Zeros, poles, and gain of Chebyshev type 1 filter
iir_cheby2 Chebyshev type 2 filter design
iir_cheby2ord Chebyshev type 2 filter order
iir_cheby2zpk Zeros, poles, and gain of Chebyshev type 2 filter
iir_elliptic Elliptic (Cauer) filter design
iir_ellipticord Elliptic (Cauer) filter order
iir_ellipticzpk Zeros, poles, and gain of Elliptic filter
iir_maxflat Maximally flat digital filter
iir_yulewalker IIR filter using modified Yule-Walker method
impzd Impulse response of filters
kaiserwinord Kaiser window order
lp_to_bp Analog lowpass filter to bandpass
lp_to_bs Analog lowpass filter to bandstop
lp_to_hp Analog lowpass filter to highpass
lp_to_lp Analog lowpass filter to lowpass
phasedelay Phase delay of a filter
phasezd Phase response of a filter
rcos Raised cosine filter
stepzd Step response of a filter
unwrapphase Unwraps phase angles
zerophase Zero phase response of a filter
zplane Plots zeros and poles


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