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freq_space (MathScript RT Module Function)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT Module Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 373123C-01

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Owning Class: filter design

Requires: MathScript RT Module


b = freq_space(a)

b = freq_space(a, 'whole')

[b, c] = freq_space(a)

[b, c] = freq_space(a, 'meshgrid2d')

Legacy Name: freqspace


Generates frequency spaces for 1D and 2D applications. If you request one output and do not specify 'whole', freq_space assumes a equally spaced points around the upper half of the unit circle. If you request two outputs, freq_space returns the 2D frequency range vectors.



Name Description
a Specifies the number of equally spaced points around the unit circle. If you request two outputs, a can be a 1-by-2 vector.
'whole' Directs LabVIEW to evaluate the frequency response at a points equally spaced around the unit circle.
'meshgrid2d' If you specify 'meshgrid2d', [b, c] = freq_space(..., 'meshgrid2d') is equivalent to [b, c] = freq_space(...); [b, c] =meshgrid2d(b, c).


Name Description
b, c Return the equally spaced frequency responses.


The following table lists the support characteristics of this function.

Supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine Yes
Supported on RT targets Yes
Suitable for bounded execution times on RT Not characterized


b = freq_space(10)

b = freq_space(5, 'whole')

[b, c] = freq_space(10, 'meshgrid2d')

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