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histogramc (MathScript RT Module Function)

LabVIEW 2012 MathScript RT Module Help

Edition Date: June 2012

Part Number: 373123C-01

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Owning Class: statistics

Requires: MathScript RT Module


n = histogramc(x, edges)

[n, bin] = histogramc(x, edges)

Legacy Name: histc


Counts the number of values that fall between the edges of specified intervals.



Name Description
x Specifies the data values. x is a matrix. If x is a 2D matrix, histogramc performs a column-wise histogram count.
edges Specifies the edges of all intervals. edges is an array. The elements of edges must be in ascending order.


Name Description
n Returns the number of values that fall between edges. n is an array of integers. n(i) indicates the number of values in x that fall in the interval [edges(i), edges(i+1)]. -inf and +inf are valid values for edges. n(m) indicates the number of values in x that are equal to edges(m), where m is the length of edges.
bin Returns the bin that contains the corresponding value of x. bin(k) = j indicates that x(k) is in the interval [edges(j), edges(j+1)] when j<m-1, or x(k) = edges(m) when j = m. If bin(k) = -1, x(k) is out of range. bin is an array of integers of the same length as x.


The following table lists the support characteristics of this function.

Supported in the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine Yes
Supported on RT targets Yes
Suitable for bounded execution times on RT Not characterized


[N, BIN] = histogramc(rand(1, 100), 0:0.1:1)

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