Developing VIs for C Code Generation (C Generator)

LabVIEW 2011 C Generator Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 373144C-01

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Complete the following steps to develop a VI for C code generation.

  1. Create a new LabVIEW project in the Project Explorer window.
  2. Create the VI you want to export for C code generation under the My Computer target in the project. The exported VI must be under the My Computer target in order to generate C code for the VI.
    Note  You can export only one VI per build specification for C code generation.
  3. As you develop the VI, account for differences in VIs developed to run as LabVIEW applications and VIs you develop for C code generation. Exported VIs and all VIs in their hierarchies support the following block diagram objects differently from VIs running as LabVIEW applications:
    Note  You cannot debug an exported VI in LabVIEW. Debug the generated C code in an external IDE.
  4. On the Source Files page of the C Code Generation Properties dialog box, specify the VI you developed in the Exported VI listbox.

After you develop the VI for C code generation, you must customize the platform definition file, define C code generation options, and configure the exported function prototype.

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