Signal Naming Convention (C Generator)

LabVIEW 2011 C Generator Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 373144C-01

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The LabVIEW C Generator generates C-style source code comments and variable names from the labels on the block diagram. Underscores ( _ ) replace special characters and spaces.

Use, located in the labview\CCodeGen directory, to set the maximum size of variable names, data type prefix strings, and tunnel name abbreviation strings.

Tip  Keep prefix names and tunnel abbreviation strings short to make comments more readable and to avoid truncated variable names or comments.

The following table shows the LabVIEW signal source and corresponding generated C variable name and comment.

LabVIEW Signal Source Attributes Used Block Diagram Example Generated C Variable Name Generated C Comment
Front panel control Label Motor_On /* Motor On */
Constant Label Trigger_Level /* Trigger Level */
Function Label, terminal name Over_Voltage_x_y__ /* Over Voltage: x > y?*/
Loop tunnel Source name, “LT” Trigger_Level_LT /* Trigger Level: Loop Tunnel */
Case selector Source name, “CS” Relay_CS /* Relay: Case Selector */
Case tunnel Structure label, “CT” My_Structure_CT /* My Structure: CT */
Shift register (initialized) Source name, “SR” Init_SR, Init_SR_1 /* Init: SR */, /* Init: SR 1 */
Shift register (uninitialized) Source name, “SR” Foo_Loop_SR, Foo_Loop_SR_1, Foo_Loop_SR_2 /* Foo Loop: SR */, /* Foo Loop: SR 1 */, /* Foo Loop: SR 2 */
Sequence Local Source name, “SL” Init_SL /* Init: Sequence local */
Sequence tunnel Source name, “ST” Level_Y_ST /* Level Y: ST */
Structure terminal Label, terminal name Wave_Loop_i /* Wave Loop: i */
Local variable Label, local variable name Motor_Control /* Motor Control */
Global variable Label, global variable name sensors_Temp_1 /* sensors: Temp 1 */
User VI Label, terminal name Filter_Analog /* Filter: Analog */
Note  Generated variables must be unique. If multiple variables have identical names, the C Generator appends a sequential number to the end of the variable name to make the name unique.


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