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NI cRIO-9074

NI-RIO Software Help 4.0

Edition Date: August 2011

Part Number: 373197B-01

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CompactRIO 8-Slot, 2 M Gate FPGA, 400 MHz Real-Time Integrated Controller and Chassis

NI cRIO-9074 Front Panel

1  LEDs   5  SMB Connector  
2  RS-232 Serial Port   6  Power Connector  
3  RJ-45 Ethernet Port 2   7  Reset Button  
4  RJ-45 Ethernet Port 1   8  DIP Switches  

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Converting the Temperature of a CompactRIO Chassis, Ethernet RIO Chassis, MXIe-RIO Chassis, or a Single-Board RIO Device (FPGA Interface)

Hardware Documentation

Refer to the CompactRIO cRIO-9072/3/4 Operating Instructions and Specifications to learn about device specifications and how to use the integrated controller. Refer to the C Series Related Documentation for further information about CompactRIO documentation.


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