RS485 Termination

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Edition Date: December 2017

Part Number: 373197L-01

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Because each differential pair of wires is a transmission line, you must properly terminate the line to prevent reflections. A common method of terminating a two-wire multidrop RS485 network is to install terminating resistors at each end of the multidrop network. If you daisy-chained multiple instruments together, you need a terminating resistor at only the first and last instruments. The terminating resistor should match the characteristic impedance of the transmission line (typically 100 to 120 ). You can order an optional DB-9 RS485 termination connector (NI part number 182844-01) that contains embedded terminating resistors for easy termination from

The following figure shows a multidrop network using terminating resistors.

Multidrop Network Using Terminating Resistors

The following figure shows a full-duplex network using terminating resistors.

Full-Duplex Network Using Terminating Resistors


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