NI Bluetooth Analysis Toolkit 19.1 Help

Edition Date: October 2019

Part Number: 373431L-01

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Data Type: float64
Access:read only
Description: Returns the maximum initial carrier frequency tolerance (ICFT) over different acquisitions and it is denoted by f0 . This value is expressed in Hz. The toolkit integrates the frequency of the FM demodulated signal starting from the center of the first preamble bit to the center of the first bit following the last preamble bit. For LE-LR-125k packets, the frequency integration is done from the start of the third preamble bit to the end of the 18th preamble bit.

Refer to section 5.1.10 of the Bluetooth Test Specification Radio Frequency Test Suite Structure (TSS) and Test Purposes (TP) Specification 1.2/2.0/2.0+EDR/2.1/2.1+EDR/3.0/3.0+HS for more information about BR packets, and sections 4.6.4, 4.6.9, and 4.6.11 of Bluetooth Test Specification 5.0.0 for more information about LE packets.

The toolkit averages this measurement, using peak hold averaging, over the number of acquisitions specified by the NIBTSA_CFO_NUMBER_OF_AVERAGES attribute. The absolute value in each iteration is used for peak hold averaging. However, the sign is retained in the result. The toolkit finds the maximum of |f0| and adds the corresponding f0 sign back to the result.

Get Function: niBTSA_CFOGetMaximumICFT


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