Part 1: Creating an FPGA IP Builder Project (FPGA IP Builder)

LabVIEW 2013 FPGA IP Builder Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 373567C-01

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In Part 1 of this tutorial, you create a new LabVIEW project with an FPGA target that contains an IP Builder project item. According to the application requirements, the FPGA target is a PXI-7851R target. Complete the following steps to create the project.

  1. Launch LabVIEW.
  2. In the File menu, select Create Project to create a new, blank project.
  3. Right-click My Computer in the Project Explorer window and select New»Targets and Devices from the shortcut menu to display the Add Targets and Devices dialog box.
  4. Select New target or device and navigate to R Series»PXI-7851R.
  5. Click OK. The FPGA target appears in the Project Explorer window under My Computer.
  6. Verify an IP Builder project item appears under the FPGA target.
  7. Save the project as FIR.lvproj.
    Note  The FPGA IP Builder has a limitation on the length of file paths. A long file path might return errors when you generate the FPGA IP. National Instruments recommends you save the project under a short file path, for example C:\application_name\, where application_name is the name of the FPGA application.

Refer to labview\examples\FPGAIPBuilder\FIR\FIR.lvproj for a completed version of the project from this part of the tutorial.

After you create the project with the IP Builder project item, you can create a VI with the fixed-point FIR filter algorithm in Part 2 of this tutorial.


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