Data Manipulation Functions

LabVIEW 2013 FPGA IP Builder Help

Edition Date: June 2013

Part Number: 373567C-01

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Owning Palette: Numeric Functions.

Requires: FPGA IP Builder. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Data Manipulation functions to modify data values used in LabVIEW.

Note  This palette is specific to the FPGA IP Builder and contains a subset of the VIs and functions that are on this palette when you edit a host VI.

Refer to the Data Manipulation Palette Details topic for information about restrictions related to the objects on this palette.

Palette Object Description
Join Numbers Creates a number from the component bytes or words.
Logical Shift Shifts x the number of bits specified by y.
Rotate Rotates x the number of bits specified by y.
Rotate Left With Carry Rotates each bit in the input value one bit to the left (from least significant to most significant bit), inserts carry in the low-order bit, and returns the most significant bit.
Rotate Right With Carry Rotates each bit in value one bit to the right (from most significant to least significant), inserts carry in the high-order bit, and returns the least significant bit.
Split Number Breaks a number into its component bytes or words.
Swap Bytes Swaps the high-order 8 bits and the low-order 8 bits for every word in data.
Swap Words Swaps the high-order 16 bits and the low-order 16 bits for every long integer in data.


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