In-Band Retuning

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Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 373680F-01

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In-band retuning allows the PXIe-5644 to quickly tune between signals of interest within a given instantaneous bandwidth. The advantages of in-band retuning include reduced settling time for both frequency and amplitude. However, in-band retuning can only occur within the supported instantaneous bandwidth of the device. You can use digital tuning in combination with LO tuning to more efficiently sweep over a spectrum for supported applications.

In-band retuning is supported in the Simple VSA/VSG sample project for the VST through the additional settings parameter of the Configure RF VIs included in the Simple VSA/VSG sample project. Set the frequency offset value in the additional settings parameter to force digital tuning relative to the specified LO frequency.

When using either NI-RFSA or NI-RFSG, set the NI-RFSA downconverter center frequency or the NI-RFSG upconverter center frequency to a value within the instantaneous bandwidth of the device to perform in-band retuning.

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