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NI RF Vector Signal Transceivers Help

Edition Date: June 2018

Part Number: 373680F-01

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NI RF Vector Signal Transceivers 18.1Help
NI RF Vector Signal Transceivers 18.2.1 Help
NI RF Vector Signal Transceivers 19.1 Help
  1. Power off the chassis.
  2. Ground yourself with a grounding strap or touch a grounded metal surface.
  3. Disconnect any cables from the module front panel connectors.
  4. Unscrew the front-panel mounting screws.
  5. Unlatch the module by pushing down on the ejector handle.
  6. Pull the ejector handle and hold the module by the edges to remove it from the chassis.

Store the module in the original antistatic packaging when not in use to avoid damage.

Notice Notice  Disconnect or disable any external RF, clock, or digital connections to the PXIe-5820 front panel. Applying external signals while the device is powered off may cause damage.


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