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NI WLAN Generation Toolkit 17.0 Help

Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 373725G-01

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Data Type: int32
Description: Specifies the preamble type of packet if you set the NIWLANG_STANDARD attribute to 80211AH MIMOOFDM as defined in section of IEEE Standard P802.11ah/D1.3.

The default value is Short Preamble.

Set Function: niWLANG_Set80211ahPreambleType
Get Function: niWLANG_Get80211ahPreambleType
NIWLANG_VAL_80211AH_PREAMBLE_TYPE_SHORT (0)Specifies that the preamble type is S1G_Short.
NIWLANG_VAL_80211AH_PREAMBLE_TYPE_LONG (1)Specifies that the preamble type is S1G_Long.


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