NI TestStand 2012 R2 Semiconductor Module Compatibility Issues

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Edition Date: July 2018

Part Number: 373892H-01

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The NI TestStand 2012 R2 Semiconductor Module introduces the following behavior changes between version 2012 and version 2012 R2:

Changes to Pin Map XML Structure

The InstrumentTypeId attribute of the <Instrument> element must now contain at least one character. If you previously used an empty string for InstrumentTypeId, the XML file no longer validates. Enter at least one character for the attribute and update any code modules that refer to the InstrumentTypeId attribute.

GetSTDFFileName Callback Removed

The STDF Log result processor model plug-in no longer uses the GetSTDFFileName callback sequence to determine the name of the STDF log file. Use the GetReportFileName callback sequence instead.

Customizing the Configure Lot Settings and Configure Station Settings Dialog Boxes

You must now complete the following additional steps to customize the behavior for obtaining lot settings and station settings.

  • Copy the <TestStand>\Components\Callbacks\NI_SemiconductorModule\LotSettingsDialogs.lvlibp and StationSettingsDialogs.lvlibp LabVIEW packed project library files to the corresponding <TestStand Public>\Components\Callbacks\NI_SemiconductorModule\LotSettingsDialogs.lvlibp and StationSettingsDialogs.lvlibp.
  • Copy the contents of <TestStand>\Components\Callbacks\NI_SemiconductorModule\Source\LotSettingsDialogs and StationSettingsDialogs directories to the corresponding <TestStand Public>\Components\Callbacks\NI_SemiconductorModule\Source\LotSettingsDialogs and StationSettingsDialogs directories and make changes to the copy of the LabVIEW projects.
  • Rebuild the packed project library build specifications in the projects to update the copies of the LabVIEW packed project libraries.


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