Lot Statistics Viewer (TSM)

NI TestStand 2017 Semiconductor Module Help

Edition Date: July 2018

Part Number: 373892H-01

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Select Semiconductor Module»Show Lot Statistics Viewer or click the Show Lot Statistics Viewer button on the TSM toolbar to launch the Lot Statistics Viewer window, in which you can view lot statistics, including per-site bin counts, while running or debugging a sequence in the sequence editor. You can also control test program execution in the Lot Statistics Viewer.

The Lot Statistics Viewer displays a new tab for each test program sequence file you execute. The tab includes a table of the software bin statistics for each site and highlights the cell for each updated DUT result. When execution completes, the table dims. Click the expand/collapse button to the left of the software bin name to collapse the view to show only the total part count or to expand the view to show part counts for each software bin.

When you use the AvailableSiteNumbers property on the NI_SemiconductorModule_StationSettings data type to specify which site numbers from a pin map for a test program to use when running the test program, the Lot Statistics Viewer displays only the sites you specify.

The Lot Statistics Viewer window includes the following options:

  • Configuration—Configures the lot with the selected configuration for the test program that corresponds to the active sequence file. This control is disabled if the active sequence file has no configurations.
  • Single Test—Starts a lot and tests a single DUT for each site for the active sequence file if no lot is active and pauses when complete or, if paused, tests a single DUT for each site before pausing again.
  • Start/Resume Lot—Starts testing a new lot, resumes a paused lot, or resumes sequence execution after a breakpoint.
  • Pause—Pauses testing the lot after the current DUT for each site completes.
  • Retest—After a single test completes or when you pause a lot, retests a single DUT for each site for the active sequence file and then pauses execution. The lot statistics update to include only the results from the last retest for a given DUT.
  • End Lot—Ends testing the current lot. Click this button instead of selecting the Debug»Terminate All menu item to safely end a lot.
  • Hide Empty Bins—Removes the empty bins from the display. This option is enabled by default.


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