Natively Supported and Custom Instruments

NI TestStand 2017 Semiconductor Module Help

Edition Date: July 2018

Part Number: 373892H-01

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The TSM natively supports the following types of instruments for LabVIEW and .NET:

NI Instrument Pin Map Instrument Type Instrument Driver and Pin Map API Support
Digital Pattern Instrument NIDigitalPatternInstrument NI-Digital Pattern
DC Power Supply or Source-Measure Unit (SMU) NIDCPowerInstrument NI-DCPower
Data Acquisition and Signal Conditioning (DAQ) NIDAQmxTask NI-DAQmx
Digital Multimeter (DMM) NIDmmInstrument NI-DMM
Arbitrary Waveform and Function Generator NIFGenInstrument NI-FGEN
High-Speed Digitizer NIScopeInstrument NI-SCOPE
High-Speed Digital I/O NIHSDIOInstrument NI-HSDIO
RF Signal Analyzer NIRFSAInstrument NI-RFSA
RF Signal Generator NIRFSGInstrument NI-RFSG
Vector Signal Transceiver NIVSTInstrument NI-RFSA
FPGA (LabVIEW only)
RF Port Module NIRFPMInstrument NI-RFPM
Relay Driver Module NIRelayDriverModule NI-SWITCH
Note Notes  
  • The NI TestStand 2016 Semiconductor Module and later natively support digital pattern instruments that use the NI-Digital Pattern Driver and legacy digital waveform instruments that use the NI-HSDIO driver, such as the PXIe-6556. Use the TSM Code Module API that corresponds to the type of digital instrument the test system includes.
  • Consider using the following instrument naming convention for semiconductor test programs: InstrumentType_ModelNumber_PXIChassisLocation_SlotLocation, for example, HSD_657x_C2_S03, where InstrumentType is an ASCII description of the instrument, ModelNumber is the model number as defined on, PXIChassisLocation uses a single digit to identify the PXI chassis (Cx), and SlotLocation uses double digits to identify the slot location (Sxx).

Custom Instruments

You can use other types of instruments in a pin map by using the generic <Instrument> tag in the pin map file. Refer to the example sequence files, pin map files, and LabVIEW code module VIs located in the <TestStand Public>\Examples\Custom Instruments directory for examples of using TSM pin map files and VIs to perform tests using instruments that TSM does not natively support.


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