Recommended TSM Test Program Structure and Filenames

NI TestStand 2017 Semiconductor Module Help

Edition Date: July 2018

Part Number: 373892H-01

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Use the following directory and file naming recommendations to organize test programs and associated files. A consistent structure can make the test program easier to maintain and deploy.


Create a separate directory that contains the following files and subdirectories for each test program:

  • Test program sequence file
  • Code Modules—Contains tests and other necessary program-specific code.
  • Supporting Materials—Contains the following files and subdirectories:
    • Digital pattern project file (if applicable)
    • Bin Definitions—Contains bin definitions file.
    • Pin Maps—contains pin map file(s).
    • Calibration Data—Contains calibration configuration and/or data files (if applicable). Place any program-specific code in the Code Modules directory.
    • Specifications—Contains specification files.
    • Digital—Contains data files for digital tests, including the following files:
      • Pattern files
      • Timing files
      • Levels files
      • Source and capture waveform files
  • Limits—Contains the limits files for each test program configuration.
Note Note  Create only the files and directories you need for the test program.


For each test program, use a unique filename that identifies the part the test program tests. For the corresponding pin map, bin definitions, and digital pattern project files, use the same base filename as the test program sequence file. For example, use Part123.seq for a test program sequence file and Part123.pinmap, Part123.bins and Part123.digiproj for the associated pin map, bin definitions, and digital pattern project files, respectively.


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